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Rock & Roll Posters and Playlists

Rock & Roll Posters and Playlists


Week of May 14, 1964 

Love me Do/PS I love you - Beatles is #2! The front has the 31 songs and the Song of the Week.  The back has the Keener LPs and  Key LP of the week, Pics of the 6 DJs and a Free Parking pass (worth 25 cents) to Edgewater Amusement Park. There is a minor fold across the dotted line at the top of the parking coupon. This piece has a crease across the lower right corner where it was folded up and a crease from 31 up thru (27). In good shape, not faded, smudged or dirty.

Week of November 28, 1966

That's Life by Frank Sinatra is #3...The back has the LPs, the LP like the other lists and an ad for Corn Huskers Lotion.  There is a crease across the page thru #13 which doesn't show much on the front but does on the back, there is a llight vertical crease where it was folded a second time, the lower right hand corner has been creased and there are minor folds on the upper right hand corner. There is a tiny, tiny tear about 1.5" up from the bottom. This one is not in as good a condition as the other two, it's been handled more, but it's still clean and doesn't look bad. 

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Rock & Roll Posters and Playlists

Rock & Roll Posters and Playlists

Do they make these anymore?

Nine   8.5" X 11"   Top 15  Play Lists from WJBK Radio 15 Detroit  1964 

The lists are for the top 15 hits of the week and also a section titled  "On The Way With WJBK"  which lists 50 or so up and coming records.
Them were the days, eh?  These play lists are so cool, pics of the DJs, advertisments and hundreds of "Singles" (45's).
Lots of memories here...Motown, the English Invasion, The Beatles
The dates: February 14th, April 10, April 17, March 20, March 27,  May 1, May 8, May 22, June 26
These Play Lists have been folded in the middle but are in very good condition and are very readable

Rock & Roll Posters and Playlists

1st Birthday Issue  WKNR Music Guide  Keener 13 Hits  

Week Of November 5, 1964
8.5 X 13.5

Stones, Marianne Faithful, Newbeats, Hermans Hermits, Manfred Mann, Elvis, The Everlys plus the always fantastic Motown acts and...Lorne Greene + many more, except...believe it or Beatles!!  This is quite a list.

The front lists 31 records, and the Key Song of the Week.   

1st Birthday Issue WKNR Music Guide Keener 13 Hits Rock & Roll Posters and Playlists

The back has the LP list and some silly pics of the DJs having a B-Day party.  This piece is in really good shape, It hasn't yellowed much and the edges are clean, no marks or smudges. There is a crease at the center from just under line 9 straignt acrosswith another small crease at the end, and a light crease across the piece about 3/4 down the page from just under line 25 uphill to line (27) and a little tiny crease across the Music Guide line at the top of the page from the top of the M to the middle of the 1964. The upper right corner and the bottom right corner are curled under a bit for about an inch.  The piece looks great and would be good framed or in an album.

Also included are 2 smaller versions of the above 4" X 6.5"

Here's a bit of history for all you
rock and rollers

Terry Knight and the Pack


Rock Show Handbill / flyer

Terry Knight and the Pack
Saturday Nov. 19, 1966  

The Fifth Dimension, Ann Arbor MI 

In 1965-66(ish) Terry Knight was a DJ on CLKW radio in Windsor Ont., right across the river from Detroit. He had a huge audience.  He was also a musician and hooked up with some locals to form Terry Knight and the Pack. The band turned into Grand Funk with Terry Knight as their manager.

There is a great site that will take you thru the history of the Terry Knight / Grand Funk from the very beginning.

The 5th Dimension was a teen club in Ann Arbor Mich that was open from 1966 to 1968, it was a clean, intimate venue with a capacity of 900 that had a sunken dance floor and bar. All the great bands played there, locals as well as national and international acts. The stages were about 15" higher than the floor so when you stood in front of the band you had a view that couldn't be beat, they were right in your was very cool.

The flyer is 4.5" X 11" and has a crease across the middle and a bent up lower right hand corner, and normal handling.  No smudges or dirt, it is not brittle or fragile. In very good condition for it's age.

I was lucky enough to see this show and it was fantastic!  Been a fan ever since... 

Camera Equipment


Graflex Speed Graphic Pre-Anniversary Camera

Graflex Speed Graphic Pre-Anniversary model without lens.
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Graphic spring back. Kalart Synchronized Rangefinder with the 12 page operating manual. Prism Rangefinder for automatic focusing shows information for 5 different lenses from 127mm to 6 3/8 ". 

Sports finder, adjustable view finder, front rise and shift. The camera has it's original infinity stops, good bellows and good ground glass, with folding ground glass cover/shield. The focal pane shutter appears operable and the handle is good. Brass edging, knobs and fittings. The leather surrounding the film holder opening is worn and there is a little chipped paint which is easily restored.

Rare 4X5 Anniversary Speed Graphic Box

WOW!! A box for your 4X5 Anniversary Speed Graphic!! Rare 4X5 Anniversary Speed Graphic Box

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A rare item indeed. As you can see it's used but in tact and looking pretty darn good for it's age. The label is aged as would be expected and the corners and edges show a surprisingly small amount of ware. The picture of the box with the lid resting on the side is the correct color. Just below the label,the box front has separated and needs to be glued to the bottom of the box, but it's a very easy and invisible repair (see pic w/o lid showing). The cardboard on the inside of the box is scuffed at from years of use, but does not affect the integrity. From the collection of a professional photographer.

Kodak Aerostimat Lens

Kodak Aerostigmat 12in f5 &Packard shutter w/sync

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 Large, long and fast Kodak lens

The lens has 3 1/16 inch diameter brass barrel threads with adjustable click-stops at f5 to f32, and a 3 3/8in outside thread around the aluminum front element for filter and heater attachment.

Air operated Packard Shutter with pin for instant & time-exposures plus nut fastened sync connection on a 6in square lensboard, through-the-board hose connection and 10ft of hose, sorry no bulb

Originally used on an Army Air Force Torpedo Camera ( 1940’s?), see the two screw holes in the aperture adjustment ring (above f8) where the cable attached and allowed it to be set from the cockpit. The camera took 2 ¼ x 7 3/8in long negs, 3 shots per 120 roll.

 In good condition except for the edge of the front element which has a gap where it has broken off.

Eastman Kodak F & S 8x10 Film Holder, Burke & James Vintage Film Holder, Ansco Vintage Film Holder

Three Vintage 8 X 10 Film Holders

One Eastman Kodak  F & S
One Burke and James
One Ansco

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Antique Plate Holders
More images & Info
(5+) 5x7 plate holders
with 4-3x4 & 4-4x5 inserts
Antique 1890
Vintage Coca-Cola Truck
Cast Iron Coca Cola Toy Truck with 2 Cases and 8 Bottles and a Spare Tire in really good condition
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Graflex Speed Graphic Pre-Anniversary Camera Kodak Aerostimat Lens Eastman Kodak F & S 8x10 Film Holder, Burke & James Vintage Film Holder, Ansco Vintage Film Holder