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The Iron Horse Motorcycle Club
Buddy Woods the Man From Hell!!

Buddy Woods the Man From Hell!!
Buddy Woods The Man From Hell!

Iron Horse Motorcycle Club
The Iron Horse Motorcycle Club

Price: $50 for the pair

These pictures are real collectors’ items!
2 - 8 X 10 Double Weight Matte Black and White Silver Prints
From the 1940's - 1950's?

These are photos that were restored at my folks photo studio, way before computers, we're talking early to mid-1960's. They are rough prints salvaged from the extra print files because they were so cool. The prints are double weight silver prints with hours of hand retouching and print spotting, it wasn't easy back then.
The originals were crude and a real mess. They have had quite a bit of print restoration done the old fashioned way by hand with brushes, dyes and pencils and there are still lot's of flaws which frankly are part of the charm.
The photo studio was in Ann Arbor, Michigan but I do not know where the motorcycle club was located.
There are names across the top of the group shot, Clyde, Buddy, Dynamite, Nora, Pipp and two that are illegible.
You can read the Iron on one shirt and the Horse on another and they have pictures of horses on their shirts.
They all have knee high boots and hats and a few have belts with studs.
Buddy is posing on his Indian motorcycle with his Indian shirt and the one size too small helmet and goggles, is he a racer? Who knows? But he sure is stylin'!!